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What's happening right now?

This page shows at a glance some of the activities and events going on now.

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Open for 2024 season

It's that time again. Preparing for planting and tidying up is the order of the day for the next few weeks.

Sessions are Saturday morning 10:30 to 12;00. Come up and see us, but bring your wellies and prepare to do a bit of work!


Our first disappointment of the year is loss of both bee colonies. Initial thoughts are that colony 2 was not sufficient enough in size to handle the cold of the last few months. This was the hive which had been re-queened. The bees were found in cluster with sugar syrup still untouched. A good deal of mould was present.

Colony 1, which was a good size, was almost down to just a few bees. On inspection we found a good amount of stored honey but little in the way of bees. It looked just like the aftermath of a swarm but we can't be sure as it would have been at a time where the colony would have been preparing for over-wintering.

The bees showed no sign of varroa in the run up to Autumn.

5 super frames of honey remain and these will be extracted and transferred to jars for sale.

Plans are already in place to re-establish two more hives but also to provide more protection from the elements as the current location is below trees and is extremely damp.

It may also be a good idea to try to find a sponsor for the bees to help pay for new colonies. If anyone could help in that respect then please email me at 


Stuart Graham


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